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The Criminal Process

Auteurs: Ashworth, Redmayne

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Boek | Paperback | 504 bladzijden | Engels
Oxford University Press | 4e editie | Verschenen in 2010
ISBN-13: 9780199547289 | ISBN-10: 0199547289


• Written by two of the leading figures in the field; readers can be sure of insightful and authoritative coverage
• Provides invaluable critical analysis of the key criminal processes and procedures, encouraging in the reader a questioning approach
• The authors' clarity of expression makes even the more difficult concepts readily accessible

New to this edition:
• A new chapter on the interface between criminal and civil (preventative) justice
• Additional coverage of contemporary issues, on the treatment of victims, and on diversity and discrimination within the criminal justice process
• Further reading suggestions and discussion questions have been introduced at the end of each chapter to support teaching and learning

The fourth edition of The Criminal Process continues in the tradition of previous editions in providing an insightful and stimulating analysis of the key issues in criminal processes and procedures.

Two of the leading figures in the field, Andrew Ashworth and Mike Redmayne, draw on arguments from the law, research, policy, and principle, to present an authoritative overview of this area of study. This edition includes a new chapter on the interface between criminal and civil (preventive) justice, and the addition of questions for discussion and suggested readings at the end of each chapter to facilitate debate and further research.

Readership: Undergraduate and postgraduate students studying criminal justice and criminology, as well as academics and practitioners interested in the criminal justice system.

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction to the English criminal process
2: Towards a framework for evaluation
3: Ethics, conflicts and conduct
4: Questioning
5: Gathering evidence: reliability, privacy, and bodily integrity
6: Gatekeeping and diversion
7: Prosecutions
8: Remands before trial
9: Pre-trial issues: disclosure, delay, and abuse of process
10: Plea
11: The trial
12: Appeals
13: Civil preventive orders
14: Criminal process values

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Straf- & strafprocesrecht


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