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Workplace Violence; Issues, trends, strategies

Auteurs: Bowie, Cooper, Fisher

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Willan Publishing | 1e editie | Verschenen in 2005
ISBN-13: 9781843921349 | ISBN-10: 1843921340


This book examines some of the key issues around violence at work which have emerged in the new millennium, including the events of September 11th 2001 and other terrorist-related incidents, identifying these as an extreme form of workplace violence. It builds upon the expanded typology of workplace violence in Violence at Work (Willan, 2001), and identifies four types of workplace violence: intrusive, external violence including terrorism; consumer/client-related violence; staff-related violence; organizational violence.

This book also addresses some key emerging and controversial issues facing those concerned with workplace violence, including staff who abuse those in their care, domestic violence spilling over into the workplace, violence against aid and humanitarian workers, and organizations who are themselves abusive to their staff and service users as well as oppressive of their surrounding communities.

Workplace Violence goes beyond the current emphasis on equipping 'primary responders' (e.g. police, fire ambulance, etc) to react to terrorist-related and other workplace violence incidents, paying attention to the 'secondary' responders such as human services workers, managers, human resources staff, unions, occupational health and safety professionals, humanitarian aid workers and median staff - and their training and support needs.

Introduction 1 Workplace Violence: new issues, trends, and strategies Vaughan Bowie, Bonnie S Fisher and Cary Cooper
Section 1 National and International Trends and Responses to Workplace Violence
2 A cross-national comparison of workplace violence and response strategies Vittorio Di Martino
3 Organizational factors and psychological aggression: results from a national survey of US companies Paula L Grubb, Rashaun K Roberts, Naomi G Swanson, Jennifer L Burnfield, and Jennifer H Childress
4 Reforming abusive organisations Charlotte Raynor
Section 2 Identifying and responding to at risk groups
5 Staff violence against those in their care Charmaine Hockley
6 Domestic violence and the workplace: do we know too much of nothing? Bonnie S Fisher and Corinne Peek-Asa
7 Caring for those who care - aid worker safety and security as a source of stress and distress: a case for psychological support? Ros Thomas
8 Not off the hook: relationships between aid organisation culture and climate and the experience of workers in volatile environments Barb Wigley
Section 3 Terrorism: a new type of workplace violence
9 Organizational violence: a trigger for reactive terrorism Vaughan Bowie
10 Preparing, training, and supporting human service workers to respond to terrorist events David F Wee and Diane Myers
11 Workplace preparedness and resiliency: an integrated response to terrorism Nancy T. Vineburgh, Robert J. Ursano, and Carol S. Fullerton
Section 4 Bullys at work
12 Workplace bullying: individual pathology or organisational culture Stale Einarsen, Helge Hoel, Dieter Zapf and Cary L. Cooper
13 Cyber-harassment in the workplace Monica T Whitty and Adrian N Carr
14 Where to from here? countering workplace violence in the new millennium, Vaughan Bowie, Bonnie S. Fisher, and Cary Cooper


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